Employee Satisfaction Survey ( ESS )


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The ESS was conducted in Manufacturing Units, Power Sector Regions, Business Sectors and Corporate Functions to gauge the satisfaction level of the employees and get feedback on work-related issues and the environment. The feedback was sought on nineteen parameters which impact employee motivation and satisfaction in the company like career development, performance appraisal, employment conditions and facilities at work etc.


The purpose of this survey is to measure employee satisfaction in BHEL with respect to the work place and related policies and practices.

The Survey aims at

·         Identification of opportunities for improvement (OFIs) at Company and Unit level

·         Bringing about improvements in identified areas in a time bound manner

·         Internal benchmarking amongst various units to facilitate adoption of best practices from amongst units of BHEL

Survey Duration

The survey was conducted for a period of one month between July 22 –  August 22, 2009 for all category of employees of BHEL.

Note: Being the first year for a centralised survey, the following units which had already conducted the survey offline were exempted. The Units exempted are HPEP Hyderabad, HEEP & CFFP Haridwar, HPBP Trichy and Jhansi.  

Survey Response

The response for this years survey is thirty two percent of the total employee strength of the participating units


Two sets of Questionnaire were developed for the survey. While one set was  applicable to Manufacturing Units, Business Sectors and Corporate Functions, the other was tailor made for  Power Sector Regions. Both sets of questionnaires were applicable to all categories of employees with statements not applicable to either supervisors or workers clearly marked out.


In order to maintain confidentiality and ensure a high response rate, the identity of the respondent was not recorded. The responses were taken on OMR sheets to garner data in soft form and avoid any manipulation. The OMR sheets were distributed to the Units before the survey with the guidelines for better appreciation of the exercise.


The responses have been captured along with the demographic data. Along with the parameter wise analysis, provision for  department, grade, age wise analysis has also been made. The “statements” which reflect different parameters in the questionnaire have  also been captured for further probing. The parameters with a score less than the Company average or less than five will be considered as an area for improvement. Interpretations and Action planning will be the responsibility of the concerned unit. Areas which require Corporate Intervention have also been highlighted in the detailed ESS Report.

Based on scores of various parameters of the survey, the units can identify departments and category of employees having lowest scores and conduct Focussed Group Discussions. The detail methodology of conducting the FGDs has been shared with the units through the Scheme (link provided above )

OFIs and Action Planning

The units shall conduct FGDs and finalise the OFIs (opportunities for improvement) along with the action plans by the following dates and upload these in the link provided below (to be made available by 22nd October 2009).

Timeline and Milestones for

            Finalized OFIs:                                                30th October 2009

            Finalized Action plans from the Units:            15th December 2009